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AABERG Apparel Design


The University of Wisconsin-Madison, African-American/Black Employee Resource Group (AABERG)


Madison, WI



UW Extension AABERG was initially formed in 2009. The vision for AABERG (originally known as the African American Affinity Group) was to be a growing, relevant and thriving group of colleagues dedicated to addressing individual and community needs through full engagement, resulting in organizational excellence.


After six years and the steady decline of colleagues who identified as African American and Black, the affinity group could not maintain, and the membership numbers could not support the work of the resource group.


In 2019, Rick E. Mills (Senior Technician) and Dominic Ledesma (Chief Diversity Officer) engaged a few colleagues in a discussion on resurrecting the Resource Group. In April 2020, a new team of resource group leaders was formed, thus rebirthing the African American Black Employee Resource Group.


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Jaleel Muhammad

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