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The Brown Thumb Program

The Brown Thumb Program is now taking inquiries and sponsorships for the "Small Business on a Budget" workshop series!

Empowering Black and Brown Entrepreneurs, One Idea at a Time

The Brown Thumb Program, developed by Dom G Creative Agency, is dedicated to empowering minority entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive support through community partnerships, libraries, and educational institutions.


Our mission is to offer valuable resources, practical guidance, and opportunities that help Black and Brown business owners thrive.

Program Benefits

For Libraries

Community Empowerment: Demonstrate your commitment to supporting local entrepreneurs by empowering community members with practical skills to start and grow businesses.

Enhanced Engagement: Attract diverse participants, increase foot traffic and engagement within the library, and strengthen your role as a educational and economic development hub.

Utilization of Library Resources: Leverage the library's extensive books on entrepreneurship and business, internet access, and community networking opportunities to provide participants with a comprehensive and resource-rich learning experience.

Comprehensive Education and Resources: Gain practical knowledge and essential tools for business planning, website setup, and branding.


Networking and Support: Connect with a community of fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry experts for continuous support and growth.

Grant Eligibility: Enhance your business with potential grant funding through our initiatives and partnerships.

For Participants

Enhanced Student Engagement: Provide students with practical, real-world entrepreneurship and digital media skills, fostering creativity and critical thinking.


Comprehensive Educational Resources: Access tailored workshops, templates, and guides that support curriculum goals and enrich the learning experience.

Community and Industry Connections: Facilitate connections between students and a network of entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry experts for inspiration and mentorship.

For K-12 Institutions & Educators

Upcoming Workshop Sessions

Check back on July 30th 2024!

Small Business on a Budget Workshop Series

Empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to launch and brand their businesses affordably through hands-on, community-based workshops.

Session I

Launching a Small Business on a Budget

Learn the essential steps to kickstart your business journey, from creating a solid business plan to understanding cost-effective strategies for setting up and managing your website.

Session II

Creating the Branding for your Small Business

Dive into the art of branding and discover how to develop a compelling brand identity that resonates with your target audience. Gain insights into budget-friendly branding techniques and explore practical tips for effective marketing.

Libraries & Community Centers

We're excited to partner with libraries to bring our "Small Business on a Budget" workshop series to local communities. This program provides invaluable guidance on business planning, website setup, and branding, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses affordably. If your library is interested in hosting these free, impactful sessions, please fill out the contact form below. Our team will reach out to discuss details and schedule the workshops.

K-12 Classrooms and Institutions

We're excited to collaborate with K-12 educators and institutions to offer our "Small Business on a Budget" workshop series. This program equips students with essential skills in business planning, website setup, and branding, fostering entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. If your school is interested in hosting these free educational sessions, please fill out the contact form below. Our team will reach out to coordinate the details and schedule the visits.

Program Sponsorships & Donations

Join us in empowering Black and Brown entrepreneurs through The Brown Thumb Program. Your sponsorship or donation helps sustain free workshops, resources, small grants, and our forthcoming fellowship program, fostering economic growth and community empowerment. Whether you sponsor an event or donate, your support makes a meaningful impact on the success of minority-owned businesses. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities or to make a donation, please fill out the contact form below. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to building a brighter future for entrepreneurs in our community.

Inquire about The Brown Thumb Program

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