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6 Lovely Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Traditionally for Valentine’s Day, we share how much we love our families, friends, and significant others. The day leaves people feeling delighted, relaxed, and full of love. But your customers deserve a little lovin’ too!

In 2022, the projected spending for Valentine’s Day was $23.9 Billion and has increased to $26 Billion in 2023. That’s a lot of money. Having a sale or even dropping a new product during this time is sure to have a significant financial return.

However, not all small businesses sell physical products. Using these holidays to connect with your clients, customers, and general audience to strengthen your relationship and trust is essential.

Below you’ll find six lovely, simple, and low-cost marketing ideas for small businesses to execute during Valentine’s Day.

  1. Spread the love through Charity

Spread the love with the charity that you love! Donating to charities like The Children’s Heart Foundation or The WomenHeart Foundation stays on theme with Valentine’s Day and supports a great cause. For more seasoned businesses hosting a charity event or launching a donation campaign will increase awareness and online engagement for your business. For small businesses still in development, utilizing tools such as Facebook Fundraisers or Instagram’s Non-Profit Fundraising feature to push for donations without the cost is an ideal strategy.

2. Run a sale

Sell a product? Run a sale! With cute discount titles such as “Cupid’s Sale,” it’s hard not to take advantage of a good deal. For businesses that provide services like Photography, think about running a deal on couples photoshoots. Nobody can deny a discount whether you provide a service or sell a product.

3. Valentine’s Day Playlists

Only some things are about revenue. Sometimes it’s just about engagement! Publishing a romantic Valentine’s Day, or anti-Valentine’s Day, playlist is a great marketing strategy. You get to share something fun with your audience and promote your business on streaming platforms by opening your account for free on platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud or a paid version such as Apple Music or TIDAL.

4. Send Valentine’s Day Cards

If you sell a product and have mailing addresses for your customer base, consider sending a Valentine’s Day Card. No design experience? You can efficiently utilize design platforms such as Canva or Adobe Express to create engaging graphics. For more extensive campaigns, consider hiring a Creative Agency to help execute your mail marketing strategy to ensure success.

5. Valentine’s Themed Branding

Visuals go a long way. Consider making a red and pink-themed colorway for your branding to utilize on Valentine’s Day! While this isn’t a post or advertisement, it will intrigue people to visit your profile and see why the colors have changed temporarily. This has the potential to increase engagement and sales through socials.

6. Simple Post

Simplicity works all the time. Sharing a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day!” message on social media and stating your appreciation for your audience/supporters can mean a lot and go a long way.

These are just a few ideas to hit the ground running regarding marketing for Valentine’s Day. While some small businesses can execute some of these ideas quickly, some may take time to plan and develop before sharing them with the public. In that case, it may be wise to reach out to a Creative Agency to help you deliver a successful Valentine’s Day Marketing Plan. Dom G Creative Agency works with small black/brown-owned businesses. It offers services from social media marketing to website development. Book an inquiry call today!


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