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Meet Us: Cornell Johnson

Being an Audio Engineer takes a lot of skill, but that's no problem for Cornell. With expertise in a variety of audio platforms, Cornell creates an immersive audio experience for any and all audio related projects.

Get to know him better through our quick Q&A Session.

1. Whose your biggest inspiration in your respective field?

A: Kanye West

2. What type of music/ What artist do you listen to while getting work done?

A:Though I'm unable to listen to music while I'm actively working on audio projects, I enjoy HipHop, and Alternative R&B. Some artists I enjoy include Kanye, J. Cole, Tyler The Creator, Thundercat, and many more.

3. What are your thoughts on the importance of Black artists in the creative industry?

A: Black artists are important in the creative industry because of their consistent ability to generate new trends and push boundaries. Throughout the history Pop Culture, and Art in general, we have seen many of our trends come from Black artists. Whether it be Virgil Abloh pushing the boundaries of Streetwear and Luxury Fashion, Bobby Shmurda creating a hit dance that goes viral worldwide, Basquiat redefining what art can be through his own unique style, or just the creation of Blues, Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop and other genres, Black artists have always been at the forefront of the creative industry.

4. What's your favorite Saying/Quote?

A:Try before you die or always wonder what if. - J. Cole

5. Where are you from?

A:Prince George's County, Maryland

6. Would you rather try Scuba Diving or Sky Diving?

A: Scuba Diving

7. Whats your favorite social media platform and why?

A: Tiktok is my favorite social media platform because no matter what your niche is you can create and find interesting content that will garner organic engagement from others in that community.

8. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?

A: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West

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