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The Brown Thumb Project

Every design needs a home.

Seeing Black Owned Businesses thrive and succeed is what keeps DGCA going. We know how important it is to have a strong brand presence no matter where you are. We also know that starting a new business as a new entrepreneur can be daunting, time consuming, and overwhelming. But, most importantly, we understand how financially impactful it can be in the beginning. 


As designers, we make hundreds of designs a month to help our clients branding reach its fullest potential and we always narrow it down to one. But what happens to the remaining 99?


Launched on June 8th 2022, DGCA launched its’ Brown Thumb Project. The Brown Thumb Project is to assist new Black and Brown entrepreneurs in developing their own branding and media kits on a small budget. For a small fee, business owners will be able to browse our catalog of unused designs, and request that they are tailored to their businesses needs. 


Know a small Black/Brown owned business that's in need of this service? Is your small businesses in need of this service? Fill out the form below to be considered for The Brown Thumb Project.

Upon approval, please note that the flat rate to participate in The Brown Thumb Project is $500.00. Details regarding the project will be sent to approved applicants prior to the payment.

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