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C R E A T I V E   A G E N C Y

Black & Scholared

With HBCU pride in mind.

Dom G Creative Agency is proud to unveil the revamped website for Black & Scholared®, a purpose-driven apparel brand on a mission. Every purchase of their licensed collegiate apparel fuels a powerful cycle of giving back to the HBCU community.


With a commitment to promoting, supporting, and encouraging higher education within the Black community, Black & Scholared® is more than just a brand—it's a movement.

The revamped website now boasts a dedicated section brimming with rich resources on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). From profiles of renowned institutions to insightful articles on their historical significance, visitors can immerse themselves in the legacy and impact of HBCUs.


This wealth of information is designed to empower prospective students, parents, and supporters alike, as they navigate the journey towards higher education.

Services Provided

Website Design & Development

Ease of purchasing has been elevated to a whole new level. With a sleek, user-friendly interface, customers can effortlessly browse our curated collection of licensed collegiate apparel. The intuitive navigation ensures that finding the perfect item is a breeze. From selecting sizes to finalizing transactions, every step is seamless, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience.

To further enhance the shopping experience, our website now offers personalized recommendations based on individual preferences. Whether it's specific colleges, apparel styles, or special promotions, our platform tailors suggestions to suit each visitor's unique interests, making the selection process both convenient and enjoyable.

At Black & Scholared®, we believe that education is the cornerstone of progress. With our redesigned website, we're not only offering exceptional products but also providing the tools and resources to empower the pursuit of higher education, particularly within the Black community. Visit us and embark on a journey of education, empowerment, and style.

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