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March 7, 2023

How this 23 Year Old Built and Scaled a Full-Cycle Creative Agency in 1 Year

"In this episode, we sit down with Domonique Green, a young, black, female, entrepreneur who is taking the creative industry by storm with DG Creative Agency. Over the last year, Domonique has built a thriving business that specializes in branding, marketing, graphic design, web design and more. During our conversation, Domonique shares her journey from being a freelancer to a successful business owner hiring other talented individuals of color."

Creative Director, Domonique Green, Speaks on the Life According to Nikita Podcast about Black Women in Entrepreneurship and Imposter Syndrome.

Feb. 28, 2023
"In this episode I am joined by fellow creative and entrepreneur Domonique Green or "Dom" in the IG streets. Join us for a candid conversation about our journey to and through entrepreneurship, finding your niche, collaboration or competition, charging for information, and choosing profit over passion."

Dom G Creative Agency Recognized as a Black-Owned Business Leading the Charge

by Novo, June 19, 2022

"In honor of Juneteenth 2022, we are excited to celebrate a group of exemplary black business owners. These entrepreneurs embody “small business brave” as they blaze new trails with courage, hard work, and innovation. These business owners all have an inspiring story and valuable wisdom to share. Each is a leader in their own right."

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