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C R E A T I V E   A G E N C Y

Every great design deserves a place to flourish.

At DGCA, we're driven by the vision of empowered Black Owned Businesses thriving and flourishing. We understand the challenges that come with being a new entrepreneur—daunting, time-consuming, and sometimes overwhelming. We also recognize the significant financial impact it can have in the early stages.

As passionate designers, we create hundreds of designs each month, meticulously honing them down to the perfect one. But what happens to those other 99?

On June 8th, 2022, DGCA unveiled The Brown Thumb Project—a groundbreaking initiative aimed at supporting emerging Black and Brown entrepreneurs in crafting their unique brand identities and media kits without breaking the bank. For a nominal fee, business owners can peruse our catalog of unused designs, and request tailored adaptations that align with their specific vision.

Know of a small Black/Brown-owned business in need of this transformative service? Or is it your own venture that could benefit? Simply fill out the form below to be considered for The Brown Thumb Project.

Once approved, please note that participation in The Brown Thumb Project is offered at a flat rate of $500.00. Detailed project information will be provided to successful applicants, ensuring you're poised for success from the very start. Join us in this exciting venture, where dreams take root and brands come to life.

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