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C R E A T I V E   A G E N C Y

The Center for Justice Research at Texas Southern University

Unpacking The Data Podcast

Dom G Creative Agency had the privilege of revamping the visual and auditory experience for Texas Southern University's Center for Research Justice. Get ready for a visual feast and an auditory delight that takes you on a deep dive into pivotal reports.

Hosted by the Center for Justice Research at Texas Southern University, "Unpacking The Data" is more than a podcast; it's a dialogue, a learning journey. Engaging conversations with their brilliant fellows provide a unique lens into issues impacting the African-American community.

Services Provided

Graphic Design

Audio Engineering

Our design team meticulously crafted visuals that resonate with the podcast's mission. Every graphic is a testament to the depth of research and dedication to justice.

Audio editing that elevates the listener's experience. From crisp interviews to immersive soundscapes, every element is finessed to perfection.

This collaboration is a celebration of knowledge, activism, and visual storytelling. Join us in the journey of "Unpacking The Data" - where every episode is an invitation to explore, learn, and advocate for change.

Unpacking The Data: A Discussion on Restructuring Civilian Payouts for Police MisconductCenter for Justice Research Podcasts
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At Dom G Creative Agency, we understand that the heart of any podcast lies in its audio. For "Unpacking The Data," we embarked on a mission to create an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary.


Every episode is a masterpiece of sound engineering, where crystal-clear interviews, seamless transitions, and immersive soundscapes are meticulously fine-tuned. This precision guarantees that every word, every nuance, is delivered with utmost clarity, striking a perfect balance between accessibility and the depth of content.


From seasoned enthusiasts to newcomers, every listener effortlessly engages with the content, thanks to our intuitive flow and balanced levels. With "Unpacking The Data," every episode is an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of knowledge, made accessible through impeccable audio quality.

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